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Nuvoton Releases New Series Automotive Battery Monitoring Chipset

Nuvoton Technology Corporation Japan (NTCJ) announced the launch of 4th generation of battery monitoring chipset for automotive battery control to measure the voltage and temperature of battery cells and the current of a battery pack with high accuracy.


  1. Simplifying an automotive battery system; one IC manages up to 25 in-series battery cells
  2. Battery Management System (BMS) compliant to ASIL-D; redundant measurement system*1 and bidirectional ring communication*2 support its safety
  3. Offering safety function; a stand-alone chipset which detects abnormalities during car-parking and starts a host microcontroller
  4. Accurate estimation of battery’s State of Charge (SOC*3) and State of Health (SOH*4); ensured by synchronized current and voltage measurements within 10us

With Electric Vehicle (EV) market growth toward a carbon neutral society realization, automobile manufacturers are encouraged to meet demands for a safety improvement of a Lithium-ion battery pack, as well as for a longer EV driving range by enhancing the pack capacity and integration. Furthermore, in order to realize a sustainable society in which mass-produced batteries are reused without being disposed, it is desirable to use batteries for a longer period of time. Not only does BMS secure both high battery capacity and safety, but it also needs a technology that collects various battery parameters such as battery temperature, charging and discharging current to extend battery life.

NTCJ launches 4th generation of battery monitoring chipset, consisting of a battery monitoring IC that accurately measures the voltage and temperature of battery cells, a new line of pack monitoring IC that precisely measures a battery pack’s current and monitors its internal control, and a communication IC that serves as an interface with the ICs above and a microcontroller.

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