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Vertexcom HomePlug GreenPHY with ISO 15118-20 Bidirectional Power Transfer: An Innovative Solution for the Future of Vehicle-Grid Integration

Vertexcom Technologie announces support for ISO 15118-20 Bidirectional Power Transfer (BPT). This functionality, also known as V2G (Vehicle-to-Grid), allows electric vehicles (EVs) to not only draw power from the grid, but also supplement it, strengthening energy resilience during the global transition to renewable resources.

According to CharIN—the worldwide non-profit organization for the support and development of the Combined Charging System (CCS) standard—the grid-serving integration of EVs into the power grid is one of the steps in making the energy world of tomorrow intelligent and sustainable. Therefore, it is important that hardware and software used in EV charging support bidirectional charging, whose key enablers are CCS and ISO 15118-20.

Vertexcom HomePlug GreenPHY SECC chipset MSE1021 + MSEX24-i and EVCC chipset MSE1022 + MSEX25-i support the implementation of ISO 15118-20 BPT. In addition to regular EV charging, drivers may choose to save money or even profit by using power stored in the EV when rates are high and recharging the EV when rates are low. Vehicle-grid integration benefits the grid, all the while satisfying drivers’ mobility needs.

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