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Experience the future of connectivity with SIM8230 series, your #5G RedCap Solution!

#SIMCom is proud to introduce the SIM8230 series module, a high-cost-effective 5G RedCap module based on the #Qualcomm #SDX35 platform, designed to effortlessly transition your 4G products to 5G, setting a new standard in IoT communication and solution. With tailored different regional versions, including SIM8230G, SIM8230E, SIM8230NA, SIM8230SA, and SIM8230C, it’s crafted to meet the dynamic needs of customers worldwide.

The SIM8230 Series boast Multi-Band Support, facilitating rapid data transfer (up to 100 Mbps UL, 220Mbps DL), and versatile interfaces (PCIe, USB2.0, SGMII, GPIO). Its applications extend to diverse fields, including Industrial Internet, Video Surveillance, Smart Grid, and Vehicle Networking. For further information, please visit our official website.

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