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Verification of grading technology with Mitsubishi Motors Corporation

Nuvoton Technology Corporation announced the verification of grading technology with Mitsubishi Motors Corporation.

In recent years, the spread of electric vehicles (EVs) has been accelerating against the backdrop of global environmental protection. Under such circumstances, it is being considered for secondary use (reuse) of used in-vehicle batteries without discarding them. However, reuse of in-vehicle used batteries requires grading (sorting), and conventional methods take a very long time, so high-speed grading technology is important for building a reuse ecosystem. Nuvoton in collaboration with Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, is verifying the grading technology for in-vehicle used batteries using the AC impedance method. This verification is a two-year plan, and in FY2021, we were able to derive an algorithm for estimating the deterioration state from the correlation between the impedance inside the battery and the deterioration state of the battery. In FY2022, we will continue to verify the applicability and accuracy of the AC impedance method using batteries actually used in the market.

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